Ascent Golf Club Cleaning Brushes – Set of 2

MODEL: TL-76347

USD 12.99

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The perfect product and gift. The ascent golf towel is a small, lightweight towel that is designed specifically for use on the golf course. It provides a clean, dry surface for wiping clubs and hands during play, helping golfers to maintain their clubs and grips and improve their performance. made from absorbent materials, such as cotton or microfiber, and may feature specialized features such as a built-in carabiner clip for easy access and portability.

  • IMPROVES CLUB PERFORMANCE: Helps keep clubs clean, which can improve their performance.
  • EASY TO USE: Simple and easy to use.
  • PORTABLE AND CONVENIENT: Small and lightweight, so you can carry them with you on the course.
  • PROTECTS YOUR INVESTMENT: Helps maintain your clubs and keep them in good condition.
  • QUICK AND EFFECTIVE: Quick and effective way to clean your clubs. Can be used in just a few seconds, and can help remove dirt, grass, and other debris from the clubface, grooves, and shaft. This can help you keep your clubs clean and ready for your next shot, without wasting time or effort.
Ascent Golf Club Cleaning Brushes - Set of 2 - Golf brush


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