Ascent Fishing Glove – Protect Your Hands and Improve Your Grip on Your Next Catch – XL

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The perfect product and gift. These fishing gloves are the perfect gift for any angler in your life. Made with durable waterproof materials and a non-slip coating on the palms, they offer maximum grip and control when handling fishing gear. They provide protection from the elements. The gloves are comfortable, breathable, and easy to clean, making them a practical choice for any fishing trip. With a magnet buckle for quick and easy to use.

  • DURABLE MATERIALS: These fishing gloves are made with high-quality, waterproof, and tear-resistant materials that can withstand the rigors of even the toughest fishing conditions. Whether you're casting heavy lines or handling slippery fish, these gloves will hold up to the task.
  • MAXIMUM GRIP AND CONTROL: The palms of these fishing gloves are coated with a special non-slip material, giving you a secure grip on your rod, reel, and other fishing gear. This helps you have more control and precision when casting, fighting fish, and performing other tasks.
  • MAGNET BUCKLES: Easy to carry, easy to use, one-handed operation
  • THE PERFECT GIFT: These fishing gloves make a great gift for any fisherman, whether they're a beginner or an experienced pro. They're functional, durable, and stylish, making them a practical and thoughtful gift for any occasion. Plus, with multiple sizes and styles available, you can find the perfect
  • SELECTED PE WIRE: PE shell provides cut resistance level 5 and protects your hands away from cuts
Ascent Fishing Glove - Protect Your Hands and Improve Your Grip on Your Next Catch - XL - outdoor fishing glove X Large


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