Best Gift for Boyfriend

Looking for the perfect gift for your boyfriend? Check out our list of the top ten gifts that will show him how much you care! From romantic gestures to fun and unique gifts, we’ve got you covered.

So you got yourself a valentine and, although Valentine’s Day has already passed, the year of 2022 is yet to end. Now that you have a boyfriend, perhaps you need gifts for their birthday, for your anniversary, or for that Christmas dinner you are both attending – whatever the important occasion is, Ascent Gifts has your back.

Read along and see our compiled list of the best gifts for boyfriends in 2022.

1. 20 in 1 Bicycle Multitool Gift Box

For only CAD$25,00, you can get this amazing, multi-purpose toolset for your boyfriend’s bicycle. With screwdrivers, hex keys and wrenches, this box is durable and sturdy box combines 20 different functions for all bike lovers.

Aside from being compact and lightweight, this toolbox also is rust-proof and corrosion-resistant, allowing your boyfriend to carry this set anywhere and fix their bike anytime. Check the product here.

Bike Gift Tool, 20 in 1 Bicycle Multitool Gift Box, Gift Idea for Men, Women, Father

Colour Black, Silver, Red
Material Stainless Steel
Brand Ascent
Item dimensions L x W x H 19 x 51 x 89 millimeters
Folded Knife Size 3.5 in / 9 cm




2. Fisherman’s Gift Sliding Shoulder Tackle Bag

If your boyfriend enjoys fishing on Sunday mornings, then this fisherman’s shoulder bag is the perfect gift for him. For CAD$34.99, this gift  bag of 23cm x 23cm dimensions (or 9×9 for those that prefer inches), is flexible, versatile and with a lot of storage space. 

Made with a high-quality material, this fisherman shoulder bag is sure to sustain any fishing materials and tools your boyfriend carries around – as well as his wallet, car keys or phone.


3. DIY Gift Tool 8 in 1 Multitool Box

This is for the boyfriends who enjoy fixing anything! For only CAD$24.99, this multitool box comes with many functions combined – wire cutters, hammers, can openers, blades and saws are all included in this lightweight, easy to carry tool.

To check the product, click here.

Ascent Handyman DIY Gift Tool Hammer Pliers 8 in 1 Multitool Gift Boxed, Handy Pocket Knife Screwdriver Saw for Camping Fishing Hiking Hunting – Gift Idea for Father, Men, Boyfriend, Women

Colour Black
Material Stainless Steel
Brand Ascent
Item dimensions L x W x H 13 x 64 x 140 millimeters
Folded Knife Size 5.5 in / 14 cm




4. Handyman Pliers 15 in 1 Multitool Gift Box

With 15 functions seamlessly combined, this toolbox is the perfect souvenir for boyfriends who enjoy fixing utilities or going on outdoor adventures where these tools might be necessary. For CAD$32.99, this toolbox was built to last.

This 15 in 1 multitool box is made of metallic stainless steel, rust-proof and corrosion resistant. It comes with long nose pliers and regular pliers, threading needles, screwdrivers, can and bottle openers, rope cutters – and so much more! 

This handyman gift box is the perfect birthday, Christmas or anniversary souvenir for any boyfriend who enjoys some fixer-upper.

Ascent Handyman DIY Gift Tool Pliers 15 in 1 Multitool Gift Boxed, Handy Pocket Knife Screwdriver Bottle Opener Saw for Camping Fishing Hiking Hunting – Gift Idea for Father, Men, Boyfriend, Women

Colour Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Brand Ascent
Item dimensions L x W x H 13 x 38 x 114 millimeters
Folded Knife Size 4 in / 10 cm




5. Ascent Handyman’s DIY Gift Tool 10-in-1 Multitool

If your boyfriend enjoys fixing faulty objects, then this gift is perfect for them! For only CAD$18.99, this handyman multi-purpose toolset offers wire cutters, blades, pliers, openers, screwdrivers – you name it. 

Combining 10 different functions, this stylish set is portable, lightweight and very sturdy, being able to withstand everyday wear and tear after a long period of time. This gift can bring a lot of practicality to your boyfriend in their daily life and will be a great help to them. Click here to add this multitool to your cart.


6. Golf Club Cleaner

This is for anyone dating a golf enthusiast. Ascent Gift’s golf club cleaner has a simple and portable system, allowing anyone to carry it anywhere easily. This cleaner stores water in its tube, which provides an easy cleaning method. 

For only CAD$25.00, you can get this stylish and durable golf club cleaner and gift it to your boyfriend for Christmas, New Year or anniversaries.

Ascent GCW-AZ3 Golf Club Cleaner Gift Boxed, Squeeze Bottle Brush, Groove Washer – Golfer’s Best Gift Idea, Present for Family, Father, Men, Boyfriend, Women, Souvenir

PORTABLE and SIMPLE golf CLUB CLEANING system. The Golf Club Cleaner stores water in a leakproof reservoir tube. The water then can be squeezed out through the holes in the brush. The LIGHTWEIGHT and DURABLE Golf Club Washer and Cleaner EASILY attaches to your golf bag with CARABINER provided. STYLISH and GIFT BOXED golf club […]



7. Golf Ball Cleaner

Cleaning golf balls is vital for a good golf game, and with Ascent Gifts, doing so has never been easier! With three heavy-duty brushes, our golf ball cleaner is designed to efficiently wash golf balls to provide your boyfriend with a seamless golfing experience in 2022.

For only CAD$29.99, you can check out this product here.

Golf Ball Washer Cleaner – Golfer’s Best Gift Idea, Accessory, Gift For Men Women, Souvenir, Present

Sport Golf
Material Nylon
Brand Swiss Ascent
Age Range Adult
Item weight 0.2 Pounds




8. Fisherman’s Gift Rod Carrier

If your boyfriend enjoys fishing on calming days, this gift is for them – for CAD$35.00, they can have a fishing reel and tackle bag combo. With this gift, fishing enthusiasts can easily keep all of their fishing equipment organized and protected.

Compact and adjustable, this fishing rod carrier is easy to carry around, making it lightweight and efficiently portable. Boyfriends who are fishing enthusiasts can also use this bag to carry snacks, towels and any other tackle they need. It is the perfect gift for your boyfriend!


9. Fisherman’s Gift Lures

Don’t ever let your boyfriend run out of lures again! With this multi-functional set, any fishing enthusiast can carry around vibrant and colourful spinnerbaits for only CAD$29.99. 

This compact, lightweight pouch is very easy to carry and offers quality lures, pliers and hooks so your boyfriend can have an amazing fishing experience. Designed for easy storage and long-term use, this gift is perfect for birthdays or Christmas parties – and a great 2022 gift option!


10. All-in-one Golf Multitool

Is your boyfriend a golf lover? If so, this CAD$35.99 Golfer’s Best Tool is the perfect 2022 gift for him! With six main functions, this golf toolbox aims to provide golfers with the best golfing experience they can have – and it wouldn’t be different with your golf-lover boyfriend.

This gift includes a rubberized for the best hand grip, brushes and markers for golf balls, a golf club cleaner – and even a screwdriver and bottle opener in case your boyfriend wants to drink some beer to celebrate his scores!


It’s not always easy to shop for a boyfriend, but hopefully, this list has given you some ideas. If you still can’t decide or need help brainstorming, feel free to contact us – we’re happy to help! In the meantime, check out our website for more great gift ideas.

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